Shipping & Delivery

For Sellers

At Kraft Auction Service we have a full in house shipping department which allows bidders from around the world to bid on your assets. It is a simple process for buyers to purchase items, select shipping options, and have those items shipped out to them shortly after the auction is complete.

Though you may believe this is a benefit for the buyer, it is truly a seller benefit. Without offering these services, many potential bidders would be left out from bidding leaving your items selling for less than they could have. Every month we ship 2000+ packages worldwide, which shows the true reach of our online auctions.

Also to assist bidders in receiving their items they won, we also offer delivery service to their door. We have drivers who pick-up items and then will deliver them to their door for a nominal fee. This mostly helps buyers buying larger pieces of furniture, equipment, etc. who might not have the proper vehicle to move their item and we can get it home for them.

We are the only company in the region to offer all these services and are more than happy to assist our buyers and sellers with these options.

For Buyers

If you are from another state or even down the street, we have a shipping and delivery option for you. Our in house shipping team has experience in every type of asset and we look forward to working with you on your shipment.

We offer shipping through USPS, FedEx, and UPS for general postal shipments. Also we do freight options through FedEx, Fastenal and other freight service providers. We are also fortunate to have a list of white glove service providers who can haul larger items to your door coast to coast.

Locally we also offer white glove service where a team member can deliver items to your home or business for you. So if you do not have the proper vehicle or trailer to get your winnings home, don’t worry we have you covered.

For quotes on shipping or delivery, please reach out to