Collection of Banjos and Musical Instruments at Kraft Auctions


Always wondered what that item you had is worth? Need an insurance or estate appraisal? Don’t look no further, call Kraft Auction Service! We can do appraisals for one item to complete estates, businesses, or collections.

Kraft Auction Service has the knowledge what items are worth in today’s market, because day-in day-out we are on the front lines selling these items. Most appraisers are not in touch with today’s market, and we can you a fair appraisal at a fair price. Professional report is prepared and presented to you when the appraisal is complete. We also have a worldwide network of auctioneers, dealers, and collectors we work with when we are working with specialty items that maybe out of our normal everyday items. So no matter the items you have, we can show you fair market value today!

January Sale_Jonathan Selling_2Call Kraft Auctions at 219-973-9240 or email to get your appraisal set up today!


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